Saturday, October 6, 2007

david coverversion: slowdive vs. lee hazlewood vs. beck

lee hazlewood quit living a few months back. the man who basically invented nancy sinatra was no more. he was also known for his work with duane eddy. as a singer, songwriter, arranger/composer and producer, lee ranks up there with the best of 'em; phil spector, jack nitzsche, joe meek, george martin. all of 'em. with the possible exception of rick rubin. then again, anyone who can take the band that wrote 'say it ain't so' and turn them into the foreskin shiners that released 'make believe' is obviously god-like and should be worshiped so. i digress. lee wrote a whole number of excellent songs like 'these boots are made for walkin', 'some velvet morning', 'sugar town', 'my autumn's done come', and so many more it's insane. a probably full list can be found at the link above left. slowdive inhabited the uk's shoegaze scene with fellow gazers such as my bloody valentine, cocteau twins, ride, lush, chapterhouse, the jesus & mary chain et al. if you like your guitars swirled and your vocals kinda mumbled, then dear depresso, shoegaze is for you. slowdive also gave 'some velvet morning' (first released on nancy sinatra's 'moving with nancy') an appropriate flavor perfectly transforming the psychedelic pop tune into a swirling masterpiece. eclectic cowboy beck gave a stunning take of the fallen psychedelic cowboy's 'forget marie' from his recorded for swedish tv album 'cowboy in sweden'. also added is primal scream's take with kate moss on vocals. and some duane eddy.

beck - forget marie
lee hazlewood - forget marie
lee hazlewood & nancy sinatra - some velvet morning
slowdive - some velvet morning

primal scream - some velvet morning
duane eddy - rebel rouser
duane eddy - 40 miles of bad road

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