Friday, August 10, 2007

david coverversion: bruce springsteen vs. manfred mann('s earth band) vs. the country gentlemen

in a post previous, i had mentioned how the rolling stones 'can't you hear me knocking?' totally kicked off the movie 'blow' excellently. another scene excellently defined by tuneage is when johnny derp is blinging in the montage to 'blinded by the light'. mannfred mann's earth band's version of the boss's tune feels like a cocaine rodeo sponsored by moog and summer's eve compared to the laidback original. speaking of originals, i can only find limited information pertaining to who wrote the song 'fox on the run'. super-reliability says it was the band sweet in 1974, but somehow manfred mann managed to chart with their version in 1968. either way, the country gentlmen's live version owns, again. also added is manfred's take on robert zimmerman's 'it's all over now baby blue', as i didn't have it when i was bored before. if any cheeseball titty knows that bob dylan is for the byrds, manfred mann does.

bruce springsteen - blinded by the light
manfred mann's earth band - blinded by the light
manfred mann - fox on the run
the country gentlemen - fox on the run

manfred mann's earth band - it's all over now baby blue

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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