Saturday, August 11, 2007

david coverversion: slade vs. oasis vs. the rolling stones

not that i am a huge fan or even a big fan of slade, it appears many people were. noel gallagher described them as being "fundamentally more important to the development of music than radiohead", and legend has it that spinal tap was partly based on them. gene simmons said some shit as well, but fuck kiss. many people have given interpretations of their most famous song 'cum on feel the noize', most notably quiet riot one-hit wondered with it in the 80's, or if you didn't feather your hair, you know it from oasis releasing their take as a b-side in 90's. i like oasis for two reasons, well more than that but the main two are: one) their huge guitars, two) their quotes. some famous noel zingers include "if i were in the beatles, i'd be a good george harrison", "those plate glass windows are just saying 'throw a chair thru me'", and expressing in an interview that he hoped that damon albarn (from blur and gorillaz) would "catch aids and die". oasis also dishes up a sweet rendition of the stones' 'street fighting man', just for youse kids. now, get your boots off skinheads!

slade - cum on feel the noize
oasis - cum on feel the noize
oasis - street fighting man
the rolling stones - street fighting man

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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