Friday, August 17, 2007

david coverversion: cowboy junkies vs. townes van zandt vs. the rolling stones

man, steve earle got it right--saying "townes van zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world and i'll stand on bob dylan's coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that", to which townes replied "i've met bob dylan's bodyguards, and if steve earle thinks he can stand on bob dylan's coffee table, he's sadly mistaken". that's pretty humble for such a talented cat, and it's also fucking hilarious. the cowboy junkies had the same sentiments as earle when, in 1990, they brought him along on their north american tour with them, saying that they initally asked their hero to join them "because of his writing". the junkies give takes of two van zandt songs, 'to live is to fly' and 'lungs', as well as the song townes penned for them to play, 'cowboy junkies lament' which he described as the only song he "ever wrote for someone else to play". also added is their version of 'dead flowers' by the stones which doesn't even come close to being as good as townes' take, which we all know from the end credits of the coen brothers magnum opus 'the big lebowski'. in response to the song written for them, the junkies wrote 'townes blues' for him which appeared on 'black eyed man' with lament and to live, which is also added to see how many songs can be crammed into one post.

the rolling stones - dead flowers
townes van zandt - dead flowers
cowboy junkies - dead flowers

townes van zandt - to live is to fly
cowboy junkies - to live is to fly

townes van zandt - lungs
cowboy junkies - lungs

townes van zandt - cowboy junkies lament
cowboy junkies - cowboy junkies lament

cowboy junkies - townes blues

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