Saturday, August 4, 2007

david coverversion: willie nelson vs. smoking popes

before becoming a christian, head smoker josh caterer had a pretty successful indie run. or punk. or whatever. it was catchy, it wasn't too long, it was good. smoking popes hit the scene in the early 90's but made a break with 'born to quit' in 1995. after their break-up in like '98 or '99, caterer formed duvall, who i saw when they opened for weezer back when weezer was still ok. but fear not nerds, smoking popes are back, at least for one more album. take that, van halen. and by take that, i mean up yours. here they give us a peppy take of willie nelson's 'angel flying too close to the ground'. willie nelson was born in 1933. he is way cooler than you will ever be. and i hear that willie has penned himself around 2,500 tunes as well as recorded around 250 albums. hot. also added, as a bonus, is the popes take on the leslie bricusse and anthony newley song 'pure imagination', just so i can mention it's from another roald dahl book that was made into a movie.

willie nelson - angel flying too close to the ground
smoking popes - angel flying too close to the ground

smoking popes - pure imagination

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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