Monday, August 27, 2007

david coverversions: i fought the law

the writing of this pop standard is sometimes wrongly accredited to buddy holly. maybe because it was written by a cricket and performed by the crickets after he died. this cricket in question is sonny curtis, rejoining buddy holly & the crickets just before the day the music died. the most recognized version of this song was cranked out by the bobby fuller four and charted in the top ten just before bobby fuller apparently committed suicide by beating the shit out of himself and then snacking on some gasoline-flavored rags. if anyone has other versions not given, like the original crickets version? maybe send em?

beatsteaks - i fought the law
bobby fuller four - i fought the law
dead kennedys - i fought the law
green day - i fought the law
mike ness - i fought the law
stray cats - i fought the law
the brian jonestown massacre - i fought the law
the clash - i fought the law
the big dirty band - i fought the law

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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