Wednesday, September 19, 2007

david coverversion: placebo vs. robert palmer vs. sonic (ciccone) youth

as far as my tastes go, not much of sonic youth's catalog is better than the song 'the diamond sea'--20 minutes of pure youth--tripping noodley leads, obscure lyrics, a deliberate freak-out, and a build-up reminiscent of glenn branca's 1981 guitar ensemble masterpiece 'the ascension' (not necessarily in that order). i'm not sure which tuning they employed but they've used hundreds thru-out their career, out of the possible 15,625(?!) available on a six stringer. i'm pretty sure that the synths used in their version of robert palmer's 'addicted to love' were standardly tuned. this take can be found on 'the whitey album' which was originally going to be a recreation of some beatles album, but eventually became a tribute of sorts to madonna and her scene. (as they cover 'burning up' for it). this was released under the moniker of ciccone youth. another band known for using a non-standard tuning are placebo. they played most of their guitars tuned to f bb eb g# c c (low to high). they also took palmer's 'johnnny & mary' from the shallow grave we call the 1980's and removed many cheesetit elements and replaced them with their own. except it swings. i've always been a believer that if placebo released an album of only instrumentals, shit would be hot.

placebo - johnny & mary
robert palmer - johnny & mary
robert palmer - addicted to love
ciccone youth (sonic youth) - addicted to love

sonic youth - the diamond sea
glenn branca - light field (in consonance)

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