Saturday, September 29, 2007

david coverversion: clinic vs. arcade fire vs. calexico

so clinic's oddly chill number, 'distortions', is possibly their best song, and it's certainly the best off of 'internal wrangler'. this summer clinic released a b-sides comp called 'funf' that is probably tits as well. i think it was buddyhead who described clinic's music as 'that scene in the devil's advocate where keanu reeves goes outside and is alone in the city but minus the dork actor and satan...ok add satan.' sounds about right. when i first heard arcade fire gave a take recently in the live setting, i wasn't surprised. to me it just seems like an arcade fire chord progression and vocal melody. even though win butler kinda botches the lyrics, it's still a pretty sweet like take. once again kicker favorite calexico serves up another southwestern flavored cover. this time it's 'ocean of noise' from arcade fire's funeral after-party 'neon bible'. do yourself a service and check out calexico's live show if it comes to a venue near you.

clinic - distortions
arcade fire - distortions
arcade fire - ocean of noise
calexico - ocean of noise

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