Thursday, September 6, 2007

david coverversion: my morning jacket vs. elton john vs. berlin

i've always thought that my morning jacket's best song are the ones featuring jim james' pipes and acoustic guitar with little to no production behind it. see 'one in the same', 'i needed it most' from 'at dawn', 'i will be there when you die' from 'the tennessee fire' or 'knot comes loose' from 'z'. don't get me wrong, these cats can fuck your face directly off with a serious case of the shreds if they do so desired (which they usually do so desire), but we all know their secret weapon is ol' jimmy james' voice. you can almost see the smoke rolling thru while listening to this version of captain fantastic's 'rocket man' as it's sung out to the stars. they give us this version courtesy of the 'early recordings: chapter 1: the sandworm cometh' album showcasing early unreleased nuggets. i was gonna have elton john and the who square off over 'saturday nights alright for fighting' but after revisiting the who's take, i realized that although it sounds exactly like a who song, it's one that was crammed thru a pussy-ass cheeseball filter. so i've opted to go a less cheesy route and stack my morning jacket up against berlin with various renditions of 'take my breath away'. yes, it's from this movie and mmj's take comes courtesy of 'early recordings: chapter 2: learning'.

elton john - rocket man
my morning jacket - rocket man
my morning jacket - take my breath away
berlin - take my breath away

my morning jacket - i needed it most

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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