Saturday, September 8, 2007

david coverversion: arcade fire vs. foo fighters vs. gerry rafferty

i don't know that the foo fighters have given that many covers over the course of their musical tenure. four were given for the 10th anniversary release of 'the colour and the shape', and of the four, they gave gerry rafferty's homage to busking--'baker street'--a sleek and rocky makeover originally for the b-side to 'my hero'. everyone should know gerry from his one hit wonder with fellow scotsman joe egan 'stuck in the middle with you' when they were stealers wheel, which was made aware to whole new generation thanks to 'reservoir dogs'. more recently--well like three weeks ago, the foo fighters did a cover of arcade fire's 'keep the car running'. this version comes courtesy of a radio spot that the foo fighters did for bbc radio. pretty boss.

gerry rafferty - baker street
foo fighters - baker street
foo fighters - keep the car running
arcade fire - keep the car running

stealers wheel - stuck in the middle with you

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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