Friday, September 21, 2007

david coverversion: cowboy junkies vs. the velvet underground vs. bryan ferry

the cowboy junkies once again serve up another track from their 'trinity session' disc. this time it be 'sweet jane' from everyone's favorite (f)artsters--the velvet underground--though it's based on the live release not the studio take. it was also featured in the quentin tarantino scripted and oliver stone directed film 'natural born killers'. you might not know the name bryan ferry. you might know the band he led that made him famous--roxy music. thru-out the years before, during and after roxy music, bryan has released various solo records, some with originals and some with covers. his 1993 album 'taxi' gives us his take on vu's 'all tomorrow's parties'. now he may not have used ostrich tuning on his guitars for this like lou did for his 'velvet underground & nico' take, but it's still a competent take. ostrich tuning was named after the way lou reed tuned his guitar (all strings tuned to d--low e string tuned down, a up, d stays normal, g down, b up, and high e down) on his early song 'the ostrich' and can also be heard on 'venus in furs' from the same album. maybe think of roxy music as a guilty pleasure and not faggy synthrock. once again, calexico delivers another stellar offering--this time in the form of 'all tomorrow's parties'.

bryan ferry - all tomorrow's parties
the velvet underground - all tomorrow's parties
the velvet underground - sweet jane
cowboy junkies - sweet jane

the velvet underground - venus in furs
calexico - all tomorrow's parties

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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