Wednesday, September 5, 2007

david coverversion: frank black vs. the beach boys vs. the descendents

brian wilson's psychotic influence spans the musical globe like a concord piloted by margot kidder. for once being a stunted man-child with auditory hallucinations totally helped someone out. rumor has it that it was brian wilson and his beach boys who introduced the beatles to 7th chords. the descendents were a punk group from back when the term punk was still relevant. writing excellent songs about beverage containers and disdain for the world led them to many an-opening slot on the warped tour, at least for the 45 seconds that that cocktasting pigeonshit mattered. between when the pixies broke up (the first time, so far) and frank black ate a plethora of balding twinkies and when the pixes got back together, franky gave us a competent take of the beach boys' 'hang on to your ego' which is a bonus track on the 'pet sounds' reissue. the song eventually became 'i know there's an answer' which was on the original release. frank also did a version of 'where is my mind' with placebo on their live dvd from a few years back. most of placebo's catalog is sweet, as you might soon hear about with their covers and b-sides. can the kids hear this? dig.

frank black - hang on to your ego
the beach boys - hang on to your ego
the beach boys - wendy
the descendents - wendy

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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