Friday, September 7, 2007

david coverversion: franz ferdinand vs the beatles vs. pulp

art school nerds franz ferdinand released an excellent debut record a few years back. then they released a totally forgettable follow-up. one of the rare recent not great sophomore releases. meh, there's still a few gems on it but for the most part it's a lametown letdown. recently, for the bbc radio, they gave a cover of the beatles 'it won't be long'. you guessed it, it sounds like franz ferdinand covering a (beatles) song, doesn't matter who it's originally by, it sounds like franz ferdinand. this is a good thing, as most of the franz ferdinand songs bounce around the room with catchy, jumpy leads and discotheque drums. unfortunately, this is not the case for their version of pulp's 'mis-shapes', which kicks off pulp's masterpiece #1 'different class' . rumor has it that franz might be working with the snoop in the near future.

the beatles - it won't be long
franz ferdinand - it won't be long
franz ferdinand - mis-shapes
pulp - mis-shapes

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't


Anonymous said...

I prefer FF second album. Actually there's a lot of people who prefer it.

A lot of those negative comments about new acts' second albums are made by stupid hipsters.

randy said...

all hipsters are stupid. anonymous hipsters to boot. maybe it's because the word hipster resembles the word hippy.


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