Tuesday, September 25, 2007

david coverversion: johnny cash vs. neil diamond vs. urge overkill

urge overkill seemed like they knew from cool. maybe this is why quentin tarantino excellently used them for a crucial 'pulp fiction' scene. toting their christian names nash kato, king and blackie onassis and an unbelievable taste for smack, urge overkill hit the chicago scene around the mid 80's until collapsing in 1997. i guess they've since reformed and are writing up another album about how much they love drugs, booze and pussy. sounds good to me. so, back in the day they recorded a bunch of ep's and on 'stull' they gave a tremendous cover of neil diamond's 'girl you'll be a woman soon'. neil diamond was one of the two reasons that seeing 'saving silverman' was good. neil diamond rules. and speaking of neil diamond, johnny cash won a grammy for his take of neil's 2nd greatest song--'solitary man'. johnny cash rules.

urge overkill - girl you'll be a woman soon
neil diamond - girl you'll be a woman soon
neil diamond - solitary man
johnny cash - solitary man

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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