Monday, September 10, 2007

david coverversion: the equals vs. the clash vs. dropkick murphys

i was surprised very much to hear dropkick murphys in martin scorsese's movie 'the departed'. i am not surprised very much to see that they covered a song by the clash. from taking cues from oi!, irish and punk/hardcores scenes, these bostonians make up quite a catchy racket. i know the term punk has become trite and should be directly laughed at, but these irish honkies have stayed true to their roots thru-out their career. and i guess that means covering the clash. now the clash here combine their punk roots with reggae, ska and rockabilly--to name a few. that's why it's no surprise that they decided to give the equals 'police on my back' a shot. the equals were a reggae/pop band out of the uk back in the 60's and 70's. also added are a few other excellent takes on 'the guns of brixton', especially calexico's.

dropkick murphys - the guns of brixton
the clash - the guns of brixton
the clash - police on my back
the equals - police on my back

calexico - the guns of brixton
honeydippers - the guns of brixton
mc chris - blastic

updated 9/19: while listening to 'dungeon master of ceremonies' i noticed that the beat sounded familiar.

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