Tuesday, September 18, 2007

daniel dumile

aka mf doom, viktor vaughn (venomous villain, vaudeville villain), king geedorah (in monsta island czars with mf grimm, gigan and others), nastradoomus (remixing nas' 'nastradamus' lp), metal fingers, madvillain (with madlib), dangerdoom (with danger mouse), zev love x (in kmd with onyx the birthstone kid and dj subroc). almost as many faces as kool keith. if all of kool's faces wore a metal mask not unlike the gladiator. some people say that dizzie rascal and the streets are the best mc's from england. bollocks! mf has hinted at future project for dangerdoom, madvillain, viktor vaughn, and king geedorah. not bollocks! doom is also quite an accomplished producer, as metal fingers, remixing various wu-tang tracks and the beatles, isaac hayes and steely dan among others on the 'metal samples' disc. check it all out, it's good.

kmd - sweet premium wine
monsta island czars - gunz n swordz
viktor vaughn (as vaudeville villain) - let me watch feat. apani b
viktor vaughn (as venomous villain) - doper skiller feat. kool keith
mf doom & mf grimm - impostas
mf doom - beef rapp
nastradoomus - the flyest angel
metal fingers - pennyroyal
king geedorah - i wonder
dangerdoom - benzi box feat. cee-lo
madvillain - america's most blunted
mf doom (enter the 36 chambers of doom) - track 4
mf doom - tick tick feat. mf grimm (from 'glass onion' by the beatles)
mf doom - gas drawls (from 'black cow' by steely dan)
gorillaz - november has come feat. mf doom

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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