Friday, November 30, 2007

david coverversions: ace of spades

so here's the deal. if you don't like motorhead, you are a huge pussy. kind of like this but bigger. anyways. after getting the boot from proggy nerds hawkwind, apparently for a most excellent drug habit, lemmy kilmister formed the brutal motorhead. during my stint in colorado, my good buddy max (rip 1974-2004) introduced me to the onslaught that is the motorhead by way of their 1991 album '1916'. what's good about that particular record is it was a rebirth of sorts for the band, as it was released on a new label for them and they called their time as a band leading up to its recording and release as stale. also the original producer, some pussy, was fired for adding tambourines to a track. i digress. arguably 'ace of spades' is motorhead's best known song. speed demon pickers hayseed dixie give another blazing bluegrass rendition of the song and the twistin' tarantulas rockabillied the fuck out of it as well. lemmy's warts have gotten more action than you as well. let that soak in.

motorhead - ace of spades
the twistin' tarantulas - ace of spades
hayseed dixie - ace of spades

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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