Wednesday, November 7, 2007

david coverversion: steely dan vs. the mountain goats vs. hank williams vs. mark lanegan & isobel campbell

i've always thought that steely dan was the bastard child of the cheesiest aspects of 70's culture and the coke-fueled yacht rock scene. well, those that aren't the coke-fueled yacht rock scene. that being said, steely dan gets me in the same mood neil diamond does--it lifts me up when i'm feeling down like when i heard motley crue was getting back together. and doing a live album. hopefully everyone knows about hank williams. dying early, he set the bar pretty high for songwriting and helping to roll out honky tonk. many many artists, too many to list, have also covered his work. oddly enough, the last two songs associated with hank were his final single 'i'll never get out of this world alive' and the unrecorded 'then came that fateful day', the handwritten lyrics for the latter being with him when he od'd. weird. prolific lo-fi songsmith the mountain goats covered both previously mentioned artists. any of the albums, eps, cassettes or whatnot you can get you hands on from the mountain goats is worthwhile and should be picked up. mark lanegan and isobel campbell's 'ballad of the broken seas' offers a excellent take of hank's excellent loner tale 'ramblin' man'. i'm still amazed how everything mark lanegan is involved with is great. i'm sure mondo generator is ok for at least one song... anyone know?

steely dan - fm
the mountain goats - fm
the mountain goats - i'm so lonesome i could cry
hank williams - i'm so lonesome i could cry
hank williams - ramblin' man
mark lanegan & isobel campbell - ramblin' man

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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