Wednesday, November 7, 2007

david coverversion: alphaville vs. youth group

most 80's music can stay put. this song, however, was excellently dug up for 'napoleon dynamite' maybe showing just how out of touch some places are. maybe it's the reverse reverb scattered thru-out the song. maybe i'm a sucker for cheeseball synths. either way, i like this tune and was happy to see alphaville's 'forever young' debut record in a used bin for $1. noice. i don't know much about australia's youth group, but i picked up their 2006 album 'casino twilight dogs' because it has the word twilight in the title and as it turns out, it's a totally competent record. i don't know how aussie bands like jet and silverchair get blown by every journo-cunt out there, but bands like augie march and youth group fly under the radar for so long. payola dudes! actually... i guess silverchair was pretty good for at least their first two or three records but jet will always suck a farts dick.

alphaville - forever young
youth group - forever young

augie march - sunstroke house
augie march - the honey month
silverchair - cemetery

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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