Wednesday, November 7, 2007

david coverversion: leo kottke vs. sons of the pioneers

everyone remembers this sons of the pioneers song from the introduction to the coen brother's 'the big lewbowski'. one thing about the coen brother's films is that, like quentin tarantino, the music is always a right-on definition for the scene it's over. even if it means reusing a song or two in the same movie. then again, when you have t-bone burnett as your musical archivist and producer on a bunch of your films, the soundtrack and music selection are going to be great and appropriately fitting. for his 1981 album 'guitar music', yes the one with the cheeseball 80's cover (but don't let that frighten you away), leo kottke gives an amazing 12sting instrumental rendition along with some other pigeon kicking favorites; namely 'sleepwalk' and 'all i have to do is dream'. let's be honest here, any leo kottke album is an enjoyable listen, especially the album 'clone' he did with mike gordon.

sons of the pioneers - tumbling tumbleweeds
leo kottke - tumbling tumbleweeds

leo kottke & mike gordon - clone
leo kottke & mike gordon - the collins missle

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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