Monday, November 26, 2007

david coverversion: the clash vs. the afghan whigs vs. tlc

i've never hidden the fact that greg dulli is one of my (and therefore one of pigeon kickings) all time heroes. everything he has his hands in is excellent. i'm sure i've sorta gone off on how fucking excellent the music he has made over the last 17 odd years or so is (twilight singers, helping dave grohl out with the first foo fighters record etc..) so i'm not about to rehash or retype shit. dulli's first band to make it as it were--the afghan whigs--whipped up a whole variety of covers for various ep's over the years. this is why 'she loves you' should not have surprised anyone. greg dulli covering mary j blige should not have been looked into that much. for their 1996 ep 'honky's ladder' the whigs continued their 'let's put some covers on our eps' plan and gave us a soulful as fuck take of tlc's 'creep'. they also gave a dark take of the tin man's 'if i only had a heart' for the ep as well. for the so-so 'burning london: the clash tribute' record, the afghan whigs also gave an excellent take of 'lost in the supermarket'. they turn this song about isolation (to me at least what it seems this song is about) into something you could totally knock someone up to. sweet. too bad it fades out. if anandamide hadn't come up with the 'patron saint of [various stuff] and anandamide' first, greg dulli would certainly be one of ours. speaking of anandamide, head over to his page and submit your entries for his homoerocktic photo contest and get some ideas on how to get your swerve on. first time whiggers should seek out 'gentlemen' or 'black love' first.

the clash - lost in the supermarket
the afghan whigs - lost in the supermarket
the afghan whigs - creep
tlc - creep

the afghan whigs - if i only had a heart
the twilight singers - real love

ps. thanks to my sister for the tlc track.

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