Thursday, November 8, 2007

david coverversion: the beach boys vs. stevie wonder vs. youngblood brass band

upon releasing his 8th album--1967's 'i was made to love her'--a teenage stevie wonder was just emerging in the funky r&b/soul scene he would later dominate. upon this record's release he achieved his 2nd highest chart placing to date when the title track reached #2. his first single 'fingertips part 2' reached #1, a live recording with marvin gaye on drums released when he was 13. brian wilson saw the talent in little stevie wonder and the beach boys gave 'i was made to love her' a sunny cali makeover for their 'wild honey' record released that same year. i'm a fan of any brass band; dirty dozen, forgotten souls, rebirth, madison wisconsin's own youngblood brass band, et al. on their 3rd record, 2000's 'unlearn', they gave a spectacular cover of stevie's 'pastime paradise'. turning those eerie strings into a funky horn section seems an impossible task, but youngblood is up to it. many of you should know that coolio sampled the living fuck out of it for his 'gangsta's paradise'. 'weird al' yankovic is good shit and coolio is kinda lame for agreeing to let weird do 'amish paradise' and then getting pissed about it. first off, coolio, you can only get partially pissed because you basically did the same thing to stevie. secondly, why don't you fucking cry about it, pussy? anyways, let the funk into your soul.

youngblood brass band - pastime paradise
stevie wonder - pastime paradise
stevie wonder - i was made to love her
the beach boys - i was made to love her

jimi hendrix - i was made to love her
stevie wonder - fingertips part 2
'weird al' yankovic - amish paradise
coolio - gangsta's paradise

ps. stevie plays drums for jimi on his blistering instrumental bbc session take of 'i was made to love her' as well. sweet!

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't


anandamide said...

sad to think most people would hear the original and think it was a coolio cover....

i went into coolio's dressing room once and somebody yelled at me to stand clear. he had set up an archery range and was firing arrows into a big target close to the door.

and then he disappeared completely.

randy said...

that's kind of what happened to his hiphop career, anandamide.

"slide slide but thats the past, i gots nothing new for that ass"


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