Saturday, November 3, 2007

free record #1: terrene 'the indifferent universe'

hello reviews. we promised them and we eventually make good on our word goddamnit. so let's get down to business. only half of us here at pigeon kickers have even heard of this site, and only half of them know what the wall street urinal is, so we will all (hopefully) be doing these in-no-way professional reviews. after everything thought up for a review system has, in some form or another, been used by some other entity, and our final decision was 'fuck it'. so, the first defendant be: terrene.

seeing that the knob fiddler phil ek was involved with terrene's debut 'the indifferent universe', i was like 'who the fuck is phil ek'? well, phil ek is the bad ass that was responsible for the halo benders 'the rebels not in', dios (malos)'s self-titled debut, both band of horses albums, 2 shins albums and on and on. fucking a. he also engineered the david cross stand-up album 'shut up you fucking baby'. as you would imagine, things were already looking up for portland oregon's terrene. i mean even if the music sucked balls, i'm sure the production would have been good. yet the music doesn't suck balls. it's the exact opposite, it's getting your balls sucked. taking cues from all over the map--explosions in the sky-esque leads, arcade fire's sense of epic urgency, shinsy nerdiness, sigur ros' surreality--combined with an overall good pop sensibility, makes this record quite an enjoyable listen.

'the indifferent universe' was released in august (i think) on the mostly hip-hop label, wax orchard, whose credo i greatly agree with and admire. anyways, as a whole the record flows very nicely--in fact so smoothly in some places you don't notice it's already half way thru the next song. there is still nerdjuice oozing from all over this record as well. for example, the intro to the track 'unwelcome' sounds like the music from bubble bobble and the music and some sound effects from ms. pac-man took a whole buncha quaaludes, drank some yukon jack and spacefucked all night long like a couple of catholic school girls. wicked good.
no you guys, i'm seriously, this was free. anyways, maybe these reviews will get better with time, maybe not but i hope this is a promising sign for the rest of the reviews...

arbitrary grade: a fried-egg sandwich

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