Sunday, November 25, 2007

lust lust lust

with a tentatively lame us release date in fucking march february of next year, i decided to get the import of the raveonettes new album 'lust lust lust'. released earlier this month the on the london based indie label fierce panda, it's good to hear the raveonettes have gone back a bit to their signature sound (as lame as that phrase is). you know what sound i mean--the orgy of garage fuzz, dark surfish-noir, drum machines, a huge love affair with the jesus & mary chain and pop from the 50's and 60's being produced by lou reed during his 'metal machine music' days. although, this time around it seems that they have also been paying extra special close attention to the jesus & mary drums. the raveonettes went indie so they could have control of their records and now we gots to wait 4 months to pick it up here. weak. at least some asshole major label would have it out here. and just for that here are four cuts from 'lust lust lust', which is totally worth importing with your tea, fancylad.

from 'whip it on' ep
beat city
do you believe her

from 'that great love sound'
love can destroy
new york was great

from 'pretty in black'
red tan
you say you lie

from 'lust lust lust'
dead sound
with my eyes closed

ps. that raveonettes link up there is really only worth it for the music streamage.

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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