Sunday, December 2, 2007

david coverversion: paul simon vs. grizzly bear

so just about a year ago, i picked up grizzly bear's second record 'yellow house' without having heard them. being released by warp i was not expecting beach boys worthy harmonies sounding like they were recorded in a cave. excellent excellent excellent. i still need to go pick up the 'friends' ep with various covers by band of horses, css and atlas sound (who is one of the dudes from the excellent deerhunter). paul simon is god amongst mere mortals. anything, and i do mean anything, he has done is worth picking up. when i heard that the grizz covered my favorite paul simon tune off my favorite paul simon record it was insta-stiffy time. the excellent songwriting in the verses totally make up for the kinda lame chorus in the paul simon version. still looking for that department of eagles record as well...

paul simon - graceland
grizzly bear - graceland

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't


chriscoyier said...

Justin and Drew went to see these champs in Milwaukee the other month. They are both big fans. I think it's safe to assume any band named "Grizzly Bear" has a gay lead singer. Thanks to Drew's in-born gaydar, this was confirmed. I think it makes for better singers. I may have to construct some kind of graph.

randy said...
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