Wednesday, December 12, 2007

david coverversion: neutral milk hotel vs. the mountain goats vs. ace of base

man, i fucking love the song 'two-headed boy'. the glue that holds 'in the aeroplane over the sea' together lies within this song. the mountain goats did a cover of the classic neutral milk hotel song live sometime, somewhere. the mountains goats also did a cover of the ace of base classic 'the sign'. some people say that the hives are the greatest band from sweden. i ask, how can this be when they aren't even better than ace of base? superopentonewideas says he heard something about the lead singer of the dresden dolls but he can't remember what. he can remember, however, that it was 'supergross'. anyone think they know what he's talking about??

neutral milk hotel - two-headed boy
the mountain goats - two-headed boy
the mountain goats - the sign

ace of base - the sign

dresden dolls - two-headed boy

ps thanks again to my sister for the ace of base tune.

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