Saturday, December 8, 2007

david coverversion: massive attack vs. jose gonzalez vs. the knife

earlier this year, jose gonzalez released his second solo album 'in our nature'. keeping along the same lines as 'veneer' his excellent debut record a few years back, nature could just as easily been 'veneer2'. for 'veneer' he gave an excellent cover of swedish siblings the knife's 'heartbeats' and for 'in our nature' he gave another classical guitar take of trip hop pioneers massive attack's 'teardrop'. pigeon kicker nicholas has been a knife fan for many a-year and pigeon kicker superopentonewideas has been a massive attack fan for even longer. so direct any questions to them, like, hey nicholas, what's the deal with the knife and 'the swedish grammis'?

the knife - heartbeats
jose gonzalez - heartbeats
jose gonzalez - teardrop
massive attack - teardrop

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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SuperOpenToNewIdeas said...

i might buy this album based on this cover. it's hard to say... but i might like it more than the original.


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