Sunday, December 2, 2007

free records #2 & #3: rachel car 'rachel car' & 'behave' ep

so more reviews. finally. i'd apologize for taking so long but i don't apologize for anything ever. the next defendant be: rachel car.

when these discs arrived at my doorstep, courtesy of los angeles' strater records, i wasn't sure what to expect. before this review begins, i'd like to declare that i have great admiration and respect for the fact that rachel car basically did this album and ep all by herself. that being said, these sound like they were done all by herself on her lil' casio and apple IIgs. but that's neither here nor there because i'm a-thinking that if rachel hooks up with a producer like linda perry, she could create the ass shakin' and boot knockin' music she's shooting for. not that these songs aren't filled with good ideas, they just don't bounce like she wants them to. it doesn't help her that these songs sound uninspired and that she sings them with a ho-hum boredom in her voice. if you want me to want you, act like it. don't sound like you'd rather be doing anything else. however, the remix album that streams from her website bounces like she wants it to.

side note: when i first got these records, i spent a good hour looking at the artwork for the 1-800 number to call as i thought it was promotion for some hot kinky clown sex phone line. too bad, i was totally in the mood for a hilarious verbal wank. but for seriously, all you cali cats and kittens keep an eye out for rachel car and her various projects, who shows much promise but sometimes people need a little help getting there.

arbitrary grade: knockin' boots with a softy johnce

from 'rachel car'
i know you want me
love somebody

from 'behave' ep
keep me high
love love baby

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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SuperOpenToNewIdeas said...

I will take the blame or the late review. I was given the CD to give an impression and didn't get it back for a while. So I guess I better say something too.

While I understand that the feel of the CD was probably supposed to be the way it was, I couldn't really get into the sort of cold, sort of robotic feel it gave. I did however like "Moving On" and " Love Somebody" and would buy a record that had those 2 songs on it (one on each side... make it happen if it doesn't exist!). Love Somebody would go well with some of my deep house like... Justin Robertson and what not. Moving on could go with some of my funky, french or disco house.


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