Thursday, December 13, 2007

evenstar interview

after checking out the two cow garage show, we headed over to the evenstar and the rebuilts cd release show at the cactus club, i shot an email over to joey from evenstar with a few questions for interview #2. kinky!

so who's in the band and what do they do?
Chris - Guitars / Vox
Joey - bass / vox
brian / drums
josh - guitar

where does your name originate from?
the deep mind of chris evens.....the name was his baby

you play bass, describe your setup.
i play through an Ampeg and a fender not really into equipment so much....actually chris picked out my setup...

how is the scene in your hometown of milwaukee?
Its cool, were just breaking into it again.....but from playing in milwaukee bands for years we all still have ties with many established local acts

what bands have you guys been in before forming evenstar?
joey - backyard voodoo, dirt puppy, SLURR, lost idols
josh - no direction
chris - no direction
brian - pseudo slinkee, spank, SLURR, fame, leval blessing, protestant

what was the worst gig you guys played and why?
our first show was at my friend sarahs birthday party at this bar in town, we werent prepared, we actually had to write a song the night before, actually we sucked.

ever had any on stage injuries?
not that i know of, chris gets a strained liver sometimes....he also enjoys competitive smoking...which injures his throat

what's the best gig you've played and why?
The cd release that you attended.....releasing a cd is a milestone for any was a fun night, great turnout, great venue (cactus club)....

who have you shared the stage with?
we really havent played all that many shows...breathe fire and the rebuilts...both whom played the cd release are my two favorites to date

what are some of your favorite cities or venues to play?
we just got a van, so we have only been playing milw for the most part.....mad planet, cactus club are both good spots....riverwest commons too.....

what are 5 things in milwaukee that keep you guys there?
each person would answer these different....
1 family
2 friends
3 beer
4 brewers
5 the great weather

my favorite records are:
currently for joey
1 the jennifer echo - be dangerous on rock guitar
2 flickerstick - welcoming home the astronauts
3 big drill car - cd type thing

my favorite songs not on those records are:
1 paper wings - rise against
2 untitled - the cure
3 denim and leather - saxxon

if i could work with _________ life would be great.
1 music
2 eclipse printing full time
3 our own club

these records get spun on the bus the most
1 aiden (i think im the only one in the band who likes them)
2 Hot water music
3 grade

describe the songwriting process if you will.
we all come up with parts....chris and i primarily write the foundations/lyrics....each person adds....considering none of us listen to the same music it comes together pretty easily it most cases...we hit dryspells just like anyone else

say, did you ever see that movie, uh, 'clash of the titans'?
i havent....but im sure the other guys did

well i don't want to sound like a queer or nothing but i think unicorns are kick ass.
then you would probably enjoy the fact that we have a 10th level cleric in our band.

yes i do.

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