Wednesday, December 5, 2007

david coverversions: absolutely sweet marie

full of desire with lines like "well, i got the fever down in my pockets", bob dylan's 'absolutely sweet marie' hasn't been given that many official takes, but the ones out there are worth tracking down. jason & the scorchers summon up the honkytonk gods and a bit of the stones' swagger for their take first released on the 'fervor' ep, their first release. they re-recorded it for their 2001 double album 'wildfires + misfires: two decades of outtakes and rarities'. for their 1979 record 'jumpin' in the night' the flamin groovies' gave a spectacular garage take. george harrison also tried this song out for 'the 30th anniversary concert celebration' in honor of bob dylan's 30 years as a recording artist. many people gave many sweet takes for this concert and the double album is totally worth tracking down, if only for neil young's 'all along the watchtower'...

bob dylan - absolutely sweet marie
the flamin' groovies - absolutely sweet marie
jason & the scorchers - absolutely sweet marie
george harrison - absolutely sweet marie

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