Friday, January 11, 2008

records2007 II

well here are the efforts that didn't make the cut. expect the big winner list tomorrow or the next day or the next at some point. i figured a lot of totally decent records might have gotten snubbed. so here's the rest of the end of the year dealy. and then the lame-o's. first?!? (brah, i'm totally confused and disillusioned.)

still competent or didn't get enough spins
young galaxy 'young galaxy', terrene 'the indifferent universe', pela 'anytown graffiti', arctic monkeys 'favorite worst nightmare', mark ronson 'version', bill callahan 'woke on a whaleheart', caribou 'andorra', editors 'an end has a start', the national 'boxer', radiohead 'in/rain/bow/s', the good the bad and the queen 'the good the bad and the queen', america 'here & now', the fiery furnaces 'widow city', richard swift 'dressed up for the letdown', the broken west 'i can't go on, i'll go on', neil young 'chrome dreams II', bruce springsteen 'magic', the twilight sad 'fourteen autumns and fifteen winters', the detroit cobras 'tried and true', elliott smith 'new moon', castanets 'in the vines', a hawk and a hacksaw 'a hawk and a hacksaw and the hun hangar ensemble', mexican institute of sound 'pinata', iron & wine 'the shepherd's dog', deerhoof 'friend opportunity', dinosaur jr 'belong', nine inch nails 'year zero', the field 'from here we go sublime', les savy fav 'let's stay friends', gogol bordello 'super taranta!', the chemical brothers 'we are the night'...

modest mouse 'we were dead before the ship even sank'
who the fuck wants to hear linda perry get kicked right in the nutsack and then yelp out 16 sea shanties? i certainly don't. the sea captain from the simpsons isn't even on this. how is that possible?

clap your hands say yeah 'some loud thunder'
as much as i agree with slinging biscuits out of yer apartment, these fucking guys let a buncha people's ears down this year. (well at least mine.) save for 'goodbye to mother and the cove'.

the bravery 'the sun and the moon'
obviously. i mean i didn't actually get this record but
i bet that this--and i'm just speculating here--is what deaf people fucking sounds like.

editors 'an end has a start'
the music itself has lost some of the interpol and added some of the arcade fire's largeness. it's great but some of the lyrics are pretty weak. like duder was sleeping with a copy of 'chicken soup for my cunt' under his pillow. so i put it on both lists. seems fair.

the rosebuds 'night of the furies'
starts off pretty strong ('my punishment for fighting') but gets very limpwristed very quickly.

satellite party 'ultra payloaded'
someone needs to tell perry farrell that he doesn't need to put out records anymore as it's not 1988. at least dave navarro didn't release anything this year. bonus! double bonus if he found his shirt. (i didn't get this either but that last solo perry record blew autistic preteens and i'm guessing things have changed for the worse.)

vhs or beta 'bring on the comet'
jim james and some other my morning jacket goober couldn't help this. disco is fucking dead so lay off the fucking hi-hat and quit acting like gay zombies.

the smashing pumpkins 'zeitgeist'

look for records by these cats on lists next year this time maybe?
the black angels, the verve, vampire weekend, the brian jonestown massacre, grinderman, the jesus & mary chain, oasis, the black keys, nada surf, rage against the machine, clem snide, portishead, my bloody valentine, longwave, the fever, eyedea & abilities, wax fang, satan's pilgrims, the secret machines,
wolf parade, stevie wonder, get cape. wear cape. fly, flight of the conchords, dr. dre, social distortion, british sea power, the magnetic fields, the whigs, white denim, nick cave & the bad seeds, the big sleep, drive-by truckers, sun kil moon, gutter twins, ambulance ltd, los campesinos, the features, the avalanches, isobel campbell, dead meadow, zach del la rocha, doves, elbow, final fantasy, the mountain goats, !forward russia!, atlas sound, foals, jim white, deerhunter, franz ferdinand, islands, madvillain, hockey night, mf doom & ghostface killah, m83, radar bros, black mountain, the racontuers, seaweed, silver jews, spiritualized, stellastarr*, medeski martin and wood, local h, william elliott whitmore, tapes n tapes, tortoise, gillian welch, slint, gnarls barkley...did i miss any??

records i'm not looking forward to but i'll probably get cause i'm lame

as always these posts are subject to unknown updates (like when i finally figure out that the national is overrated).

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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