Friday, January 18, 2008

david coverversion: 16 horsepower vs. hank williams vs. mike ness

after his first solo venture mike ness released his second solo outing 'under the influence' which is made up of covers (almost, he adds a new version of 'ball and chain' which is full of honkytonk swagger). choice rock, bluegrass and country covers from the likes marty robbins, carl perkins, hank williams and on. here he gives hank williams haunting 'six more miles (to the graveyard)' an excellent fiddle-filled punkabilly take. and despite looking like a serious bro, mike ness is a total badass. and speaking of badass, bluegrass loving pseudo-christians 16 horsepower also give an excellent rendition of a depresso hank tune. 16 horsepower gets compared to nick cave a lot, not sonically so much, but they share the same surrounding darkness. plus they play squeezeboxes. badass. not much has changed in the hank williams camp, but we'll letcha know as soon as we hear anything.

mike ness - six more miles (to the graveyard)
hank williams - six more miles (to the graveyard)
hank williams - alone and forsaken
16 horsepower - alone and forsaken

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