Thursday, January 24, 2008

david coverversion: elton john vs. the beach boys vs. terry jacks

that hippydippy terry jacks brought the song 'seasons in the sun' to the beach boys where they recorded but never officially released their pretty great take. terry then recorded and eventually released his version and it sold like hotcakes. somewhere around 6 million units pushed for the man. not bad after it sat dormant on his shelf for a year or so. terry jacks is canadian and part is me is super jealous of that. he also rewrote some of the lyrics that was originally written by some french fucking guy as to not be so depressing. and now here is another never officially released beach boys song--elton john's 'crocodile rock'. it's amazing to me that they manage to sound like bigger donghuffers than elton john, who is probably the most famous huffer of all time. which is fine. swallow what you want to swallow but that farfisa is fucking great in elton's version. just great.

terry jacks - seasons in the sun
the beach boys - seasons in the sun
the beach boys - crocodile rock
elton john - crocodile rock

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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