Friday, January 4, 2008

david coverversions: lonesome town

this song having been written in 1958 is one of baker knight's million performance songs. i'm sure you're asking 'who in the fuck is baker knight?' and i'm about to reply with read here. i'm sure i had heard ricky nelson's version of 'lonesome town' before seeing 'pulp fiction' but it's not from that that i remember it most. back again to the soundtrack to 'stubb's the zombie'. the game i never played even though i can't stop listening to the album. from said soundtrack comes milton mapes' spectacular brokenhearted indie take. i didn't know shit about this band until i read here. not what i would have guessed, but i'm on the look out for one of the milton mapes records. i do have the pleasure of having and knowing about the cramps debut ep 'gravest hits', being produced by alex chilton. another coverversion for another day is their take of the trashmen's 'surfin' bird'. unfortunately, i only have the vinyl lp of the ventures sweet instrumental take of it. anyone got a copy or something, by all means, send it along. i was kinda surprised, totally saddened and totally aroused all at the same time when i heard the ditty bops were lesbians. tragic.

ricky nelson - lonesome town
milton mapes - lonesome town
the cramps - lonesome town
the ditty bops - lonesome town (live)

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