Thursday, January 3, 2008

david coverversion: nine inch nails vs. joy division vs. starchildren

the crow soundtrack is amazing; with cuts from the jesus and mary chain, the cure, stp, rage against the machine, violent femmes, medicine...etc, it gives an excellent gothic feel to keep in stride with the movie. granted i only saw the movie once and don't really remember much more than the plot. that's fine with me. i also remember hating the sequel. anyways, for said album nine inch nails did a take on joy division's 'dead souls'. rollins band also gave a take on suicide's 'ghost rider' but that's for another day. everyone knows the joy division legend. ian curtis hanging himself on the eve of their first american tour. i'm surprised that it took someone (anton corbjin) over 20 years to make a movie based on joy's legacy (control). i haven't seen it yet, but then again i haven't seen the new townes van zandt and roky erickson documentaries yet either. (or this one). whoops. for the 'means to an ends' tribute record, starchildren aka the smashing pumpkins (basically), gave a laid back take of 'isolation' from joy's second album 'closer'. the 'means to an end' record is excellent with the likes of tortoise and low and codeine and girls vs. boys all contributing.

the smashing pumpkins (starchildren) - isolation
joy division - isolation
joy division - dead souls

nine inch nails - dead souls

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't

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