Friday, January 25, 2008

david coverversion: the chordettes vs. oranger

sheboygan wisconsin's (wheeeuh! wisconsin!) own the chordettes brought together pieces of early traditional pop and (mostly) barbershop (fucking wheeeeuh! barbershop!) starting off with their take of pat ballard's 'mr sandman'. since forming in 1946 they had many a-hit in their tenure but that means nothing compared to the road they paved for future girl groups such as the supremes, the ronettes, the crystals, the angels, the shangri-las et al, and held some inspiration for the vocal stylings of the rest of motown. motown fucking rules but more on that later. once again, again, we head over to the 'stubbs the zombie' soundtrack for oranger's take. oranger is blueprint indie from california and totally sounds like it. hey at least they're not broheed & cambria! bung bung bung bung.

the chordettes - mr sandman
oranger - mr sandman

ps. anyone know what this line is from?
''hey they thinks they're the cowsills.''

go buy whatcha likes and delete whatcha don't


Johnny said...

Delete what I likes? Why should I even download it, then?

Thanks for the music...your best of 2007 records have proved entertaining and enlightening.

randy said...

you have to download it first so you can see if you like it enough to delete.

and we'll keep posting as long as dick and fart jokes are hilarious. and good music is discovered.


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