Tuesday, July 1, 2008

free record #9: cavedoll 'no vertigo'

once again a review goes out late. ah consistency you are the glue that holds america together. well that and little plastic american flags. so anytime a record says 'for fans of the rapture, radiohead, interpol and the cure' i'll check it out. well maybe more of the three former than the latter, but still. i digress. sure i hear parts of those three oft-compared current outfits (as of lately it seems) but i also hear pieces culled from talking heads, 60's pop, electronic and 80's new wave; 'taste like a hurricane' sounds like it could be some lost blondie nugget and 'cut in half' might be done by david lynch and david byrne.

this is not bad at all for an apparent studio rat (speculation) as 'no vertigo' was written (or co-written), recorded, mixed and mastered by camden chamberlain at cavedoll's studio kitefishing in slc, utah. oddly enough there is not word one about joseph smith or jackson county, missouri. this is really good for something that gothtards would go apeshit over as gothtards and i usually don't see eye to eye. or hear ear to ear as i've got nothing against goths, just some of the music is questionable at best. it's bouncy and catchy in all the right places and they even offer two covers; 'paint it black' and david bowie's 'heroes'. sharing production and vocal duties with his wife, chamberlain also plays the guitar you're hearing but part of the reason this record is good is that the rhythm section is spot on. you know, when they put their pills and drum machines down.

apparently this is just the first of no less than 10(?!) releases for this year from cavedoll with a planned data dvd containing their entire discography in massively unworthy mp3 format and other superfan shit like videos and photos. so if you think the rapture smiles too much when they bounce, check out cavedoll's darker side as they can jump just as high.


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