Wednesday, January 20, 2010


here are some of the searches that have resulted in finding this blog.

joscho stephan
will phalen
the groggers
fags, hot
nude kicking
neil diamond is retarded
sloop john d
john lennon and a pigeon
greg dulli groupies
bullets mcdeath
clinic �the prodigal sun"
huge pussy
pigeon kicking
bloody vagina
how to play wildwood flower
afghan pigeon
afrikan big ass
ass de pigean
brutal vagina
elevator tuneage
fuckingcrazy sexy
grizzly bear "miles of cock"
karma for kicking a pigeon
kicking jones
nicholas brigham schmuhl
super vagina
kicking a pigeon
billy mays hayes
mike tyson pigeons
fruit in vagina
sand in vagina
pussy kicking
pat benetar
child vagina...(wtf?)


anandamide said...

I love the ability to identify how people found you. People found my site entering these phrases into google:
-"making LSD using orange peels"
-"diagnosis for patient with orange tongue"
-"johnny depp crotch bulge"

randy said...

it's great how people can be funny even when they're being totally serious and/or totally lame.

Anonymous said...

In fact the set is so long I will post it in two parts, this is the first twelve songs, part two will feature the last seven songs of the regular set plus six encore tracks.

All good things, as they say, must come to an end. Now, I don't know that this blog ever really qualified as a "good" thing, but, from June 4, 2005 to March 5, 2009, it certainly provided me some much-appreciated distraction from the real world.Turkisch free mp3 download.

I've always assumed that I would keep this blog going for as long as I was alive to do it, and so I have. But change is afoot, and the time has finally come to put this thing out of its misery.

randy said...

hey this blog was always a good thing, fuckface.


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